Gothenburg Port Authority has launched an app.

Gothenburg Port Authority has launched an app designed to make bunkering easier and more efficient, which can be used for all types of fuel including LNG.

Instead of reporting manually via email and phone, bunkering operators submit advance bunkering notification using the app. The app also shows available collection points for loading marine fuel onto bunker vessels. Capable of compiling bunkering statistics, the app facilitates the work of the Swedish Maritime Administration Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) and other organisations at the port.

The app is also of benefit to the energy port's security coordinators, who save valuable time by no longer needing to act as intermediaries between the different parties. As the bunker operators administer quay bookings independently, all that is required is process verification.

The app is available to all bunkering operators at the energy port. LNG operations are growing at the port, from which Skangas supplies LNG, and and infrastructure includes the Swedegas bunkering facility.