About conference

LNG Europe + Conference: Fueling the future
We are pleased to announce the future topics to cover this year’s agenda:

Wednesday 23.11 – LNG market in Europe
+ Small scale LNG – the European distribution network
+ Economy vs demand for LNG in Europe
+ Large scale LNG – who owns the cake?
+ LNG terminals and stations – impact of technological development on LNG pricing
+ New LNG projects among the latest solutions for green Europe

Thursday 24.11 – LNG in the Transport Sector – industrial science of tomorrow
LNG as fuel for shipping – a glimpse into the future
+ Status of the LNG fueled fleets
+ LNG bunkering in Europe
+ Branching out – LNG usage diversification in Europe

The conference will also feature additional networking opportunities such as project meetings, workshops, training sessions for port communities, study tour and an exhibition.

Detailed conference agenda coming soon! Stay tuned!